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C1150 Holds Graduation for AP29 and Gears up for AP30

Graduation day
Graduation day at Yokosuka, Japan
Photo by Akiko Sugawara

By Helen McDaniel
C1150, Language Training Division Head
Administrative Department

The Defense Language Institute English Language Center’s C1150 is a Language Training Detachment in Yokosuka, Japan.  This summer proved to be quite eventful for this location.  In June, we hosted Katie Larson from the DLIELC, who made a site visit to both Sasebo and Yokosuka.  At about that same time, Bill Porter arrived as a new USCS instructor; he was invaluable throughout the summer as he observed classes, taught as a substitute, and led training on use of the SmartBoard with two other teachers.

July was jammed packed with events, the most significant of which was the graduation of 24 apprentices from the 11-month semi-intensive English course they started in August 2013.  Prior to the awarding of the certificates, the four classes delivered short presentations that they had prepared the last week of class.  They showed pictures of their field trips; they explained certain topics they encountered in the books (automobile engines); they expressed gratitude for guest speakers; and they talked about American cultural events.   It was evident they had become close friends during this special training. 

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International’s from DLIELC participate in the commemoration of LBJ’s birthday

LBJ Birthday Celebration
DLI students take the opportunity to capture a moment in time with, LBJ’s youngest daughter, Luci Johnson.
Photo By Annette D. Janetzke

By Annette D. Janetzke
DLI Public Affairs

Students from the Defense Language Institute English Language Center had the rare opportunity to witness a birthday commemoration ceremony for Lyndon Baines Johnson.  The Field Studies office attended this event with 36 DLI students.  Their reaction was one of appreciation as expressed in their own words.

“As a class, we were invited to attend the birthday commemoration for Lyndon B. Johnson, 36th President of the United States,” said Edite Voitekune from Latvia.   “This visit was an exceptional opportunity and a true treasure for me to meet Johnson’s daughter, Luci, and listen to her impromptu speech encouraging people to learn something new every day.”   “This is my second time at DLI, I had visited LBJ Ranch 7 years ago and I saw many changes to the ranch.”

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Leadership—International and American leaders take time out to listen and learn

Student Speakers.
Pictured at the Schertz Civic Center, from left: Capt. Fevzi Balidede from Turkey, Capt. Jorge Loaiza from Chile, 2Lt Olga Cascaval from Moldova, and SSgt. Hafida Oubenadi, all presented speeches to the AFEB workshop attendees. These students at DLI, who teach English in their country, are enhancing their skills in the Advanced English Language studies
Photo By Annette D. Janetzke

By Annette D. Janetzke
DLI Public Affairs

This was the first invitation for the Defense Language Institute English Language Center to attend a conference presented by the Alamo Federal Executive Board conference titled “Partners in Equality” with the theme being “People without Boarders – Making a Difference Around the Globe,” which was a natural fit for DLIELC, being a global center for internationals seeking to improve their English language comprehension and teaching skills and be immersed in the culture of America.

The event began outside the Schertz Civic Center with the San Antonio Charro Association lead by Edgar Gonzales presenting the colors on horseback followed by Reina (Rayne) Fernandez singing the National Anthem and “America the Beautiful.”

Welcoming remarks were made by John W. Snodgrass, Executive Director, Air Force Personnel Center, who quoted from Executive Order 13583, which was enforced approximately two years ago.  He stated, “It best describes our diversity, ‘Our nation derives strength from its diversity of its population and its commitment to equal opportunity for all.  We are at our best when we draw on the talents of all parts of our society, and all of our greatest accomplishments are achieved when diverse perspectives are brought to bear to overcome our greatest challenges’.”   Mr. Snodgrass continued, “Diversity is a necessity in today’s environment; we are one tapestry drawn together.”
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Training Army ROTC cadets in Madrid, Spain

Students displaying Certificates.
Spanish parachute brigade students proudly display their English course certificates.
Photo By Nate Wolfson

By Nate Wolfson Supervisor, DLI General English Section

As most people would guess, this three-week MTT from May 31 to June 22 with Army ROTC cadets from various universities around the U.S. was a wonderful experience. Of course, there were a few minor difficulties, one of which I experienced upon arrival as getting to the Parachute Brigade base was an “adventure” on the complicated Spanish highway system. Even though I had just spent 15 hours traveling, I didn’t want to miss one minute of the cultural indoctrination after having dreamt of going to Spain since seventh grade Spanish class. Therefore, I went directly downtown from the base to meet up with the rest of the group, who had arrived the day before. We walked from one end of downtown Madrid to the other, saw some wonderful sights and had “tapas,” the famous Spanish “snacks.” I was so glad I’d decided to go along, but I was dead tired by the end of the day.

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DLIELC celebrates 60 years of
academic excellence

DLI Student displaying banner.
U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. Balan R. Ayyar, special assistant to the commander, Air Education and Training Command, addresses the audience at the Defense Language Institute English Language Center’s 60th anniversary celebration. Ayyar was the guest speaker for the event.
Photo by Johnny Saldivar

By Airman Justine K. Rho
JBSA-Lackland Public Affairs

The Defense Language Institute English Learning Center commemorated 60 years of dedication to providing world wide English language training May 9 at the school grounds on Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland.

The two-day 60th anniversary celebration included the annual DLIELC International Festival, an anniversary ceremony, the naming of International Hall, the unveiling of the DLIELC Alumni International Wall of Fame and the American Members of International Goodwill to Others picnic.
“This anniversary provides an opportunity to showcase our important mission and celebrate the hard work of our students and faculty,” said Col. Richard D. Anderson, DLIELC commandant. “DLIELC plays an important role in the security cooperation mission for the Department of Defense and the Department of State. Our primary function here is to teach English, but we also expose our students to American culture, values and way of life.”
International students from more than 110 countries enroll in the DLIELC resident training program, Anderson said. Outside of the general English course, they also provide career field specialized courses, train English teachers and provide English language program management courses. The goal of the international festival is to highlight and educate the JBSA community on the significance of the institution while celebrating those who make the mission happen.
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Japanese student pilot reflects on Defense Language Institute experience

DLI Student displaying banner.
Photo By Annette D. Janetzke

by Annette D. Janetzke
DLIELC Public Affairs

Recent Defense Language Institute, English Language Center graduate 1st Lt. Misaki Ohhira pilots her aircraft in a simulated mission in DLIELC’s Aviation Lab. Ohhira is one of only a few women in the field of aviation serving in the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. She has had some cockpit experience flying the T-7 propeller aircraft and is looking forward to flying the T-6 and T-1A. As a student pilot, she studied aviation English at the DLIELC, graduating in June 2013. When asked what she took away from her time at DLIELC, Ohhira said, “relationships, it is such a rare opportunity presented at DLIELC to meet such a variety of people, cultures and military members from so many career fields.”

DLIELC Colombian Army Brig. Gen. meets with IOS Commander Lt Col Gonzalez

DLI Student displaying banner.
Photo By Annette D. Janetzke

by Annette D. Janetzke
DLIELC Public Affairs

9/1/2013 - JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-LACKLAND -- Colombian Army Brig. Gen. Mario Augusto Valencia Valencia, Task Force Pegasus commander, is greeted by U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Hector Gonzalez, commander of the International Operations Squadron at the Defense Language Institute at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland Aug. 26. Valencia arrived on the DLI campus with approximately 62 Colombian Army War College students. During this annual visit, the visitors received the DLI mission brief in Spanish by Nate Wolfson, General English supervisor, and toured the DLI campus.



DLIELC Change-of-Command. The new Commandant: Colonel Anderson

DLI Student displaying banner.

Col. Mark Camerer, 37th Training Wing commander, (center) passing Guide-on to Col. Richard D. Anderson

Photo by: Ben Faske



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