Frequently asked Questions about Interactive Multimedia Instruction(IMI)

What is multimedia?

Multimedia is a term that is usually used to describe computer programs or computer lessons that serve to teach or reinforce learning objectives. Multimedia at DLIELC is called "Interactive Multimedia Instruction," or IMI, and involves the use of text, graphics, audio, animation, and video to present information through the use of a computer.

Does DLI offer multimedia instruction?

Yes. Multimedia instruction is offered to supplement materials in Levels I, III, and IV of the American Language Course (ALC). These materials are available for purchase through the Catalog of ALC Materials. Multimedia instruction is also used in various modules in the Specialized English materials area. These multimedia materials, however, are not available for purchase.

Is the multimedia a complete course of instruction (stand alone)?

No. Our interactive multimedia instruction is designed to supplement classroom materials.

Are any of your courses offered on-line?

At the present time, we do not offer any courses on-line. However, we are currently investigating the feasibility of offering some materials over the Internet.


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