Welcome to DLIELC

Since 1954, the Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC) has performed its mission to support the policies and objectives of the US Government and the US Department of Defense (DoD). DLIELC started as the US Air Force Language School; our primary mission was to teach English to Allied pilot candidates. In 1966, our mission expanded to include other career fields, and our school moved under the DoD, with the US Army as the executive agent. DLIELC assumed its present form in 1976 when the USAF became the executive agent. We have come a long way since DLIELC’s inception, and in 1993, we inaugurated our modern campus located at Lackland AFB, Texas.

The campus includes headquarters and academics facilities, a library, dining hall, officer and enlisted quarters, and student administration buildings. Small classrooms, equipped with the latest in training technology, are specifically designed to support student-centered instruction. In addition, the DLIELC curriculum meets the diverse needs of the adult military population with tailored courses that address the specific language requirements of our students’ career fields. The Student Handbook link below will provide you with most of your questions about Lackland Air Force Base and our campus.


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