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To be the most agile and innovative English language training operations and support institution.


We facilitate relationship building by providing premier English language training operations and support.

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The 637th International Support Squadron is one of three squadrons under DLIELC/637 TRG. The 637 ISS conducts worldwide English Language Training operations and provides International Military Student support in order to strengthen language readiness and cultural interoperability among DoD security cooperation partners and allies. The 637 ISS conducts and supports English language operations both at home and in more than 30 locations around the world for approximately 6,000 international military students and US Army pre-basic training recruits. Resident students typically go on to other US military follow-on-training locations ranging from US Air Force F-15 pilot and maintenance schools to US Army and US Navy Special Forces schools, or Professional Military Education schools. Other students return to their homeland or go to US Army basic training.

We execute this mission and vision with our flights and a U.S. Navy-led detachment: International Resident Flight (IRF), International Non-Resident Flight (INF), International Field Studies Flight (IFF), International Support Flight (ISF), and Military Training Managers (MTM).

The International Resident Flight is responsible for receiving new students, providing initial DLI orientation briefings, and getting students to their Follow-On Training bases according to orders after graduation.

The International Non-Resident Flight conducts world-wide English language operations to strengthen the language readiness of international allies and advance DoD Security Cooperation goals. The INF team of professionals engages with US and host-country training officials to provide advice on English language training program enhancements, fulfill curriculum and language laboratory material requests, and deploy DLIELC mobile training teams and language training detachments on managerial, advisory and instructional missions around the world in all six geographic combatant commands. These deployed teams work closely with US and in-country personnel to determine English language training needs, manage English language programs, instruct classes, or train new instructors.

The International Field Studies Flight executes the largest Field Studies Program (FSP) in the DoD Security Cooperation enterprise in order to build partnerships and increase cultural interoperability among our partners and allies. The FSP goal is for the students to gain a basic understanding of the United States of America’s democratic institutions, values, and processes, including a respect for human rights. In addition, IFF leads the long-running (American Members of International Goodwill towards Others) AMIGO program.

The International Support Flight is responsible for in-processing students and assigning student control numbers as well as scheduling ID card appointments. Pass and ID creates ID’s for students and authorized dependents as well as entering required information into DEERS. The medical staff is responsible for flight physicals and examinations required for follow-on training. The Front Desk team is the first face of DLIELC for all inbound students and provides a wide range of support and information services to the international military student.

The Military Training Managers include US Navy and US Army personnel. MTMs exercise daily accountability of the student training population and assist with administrative support needs of students related to off-base lodging, intrastate travel, citations, and cultural immersion during their time in Texas. Additionally, MTMs monitor and enforce DLIELC non-academic standards of conduct to ensure good order and discipline, and provide support to weekly graduation ceremonies.

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