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Squadron Commander/Dean of Academics

Lieutenant Colonel Simone Shen, Squadron Commander/Dean of Academics

Welcome to the 332 Training Squadron/Academics homepage which we hope you find informative and helpful.

Our mission is to train international and United States military and civilian personnel to speak or teach English, through resident and nonresident programs, by providing high-quality instruction and developing high-quality training materials and test instruments for use throughout the Department of Defense and around the world.

To meet our mission we have four flights which are: Instruction, Evaluation, Curriculum, and Support. Within the Instruction Flight are the General English, Specialized English and Advanced English sections.

All students who attend DLIELC will be exposed to at least two of the instructional sections and in many cases three. No matter what courses are attended our students benefit from small class sizes and interaction with students from other countries and cultures. They not only learn from our experienced staff of professional instructors but also from fellow students in their daily interactions during and after class.

You can view more detailed information about the flights and sections by using the menu at the bottom left of this page.

We look forward to your attending DLIELC and guarantee you a great life and learning experience.

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