Frequently asked Questions about Resident Programs

1. Who is my point of contact (POC)?

Visit the website and DLIELC directory on the second page.

2. How do I get a Texas drivers license?

Visit the website and search for "Driving Privileges." Cost for a six year Texas Driver License is about $25. Driver Licenses issued in the students' country and European Driver Licenses are valid for 30 days after arrival. International driver licenses are valid for one year.

3. How do I get a Social Security Card?

A Social Security Card is not issued to international students or their dependents.

4. How do I replace my I-94?

Visit the website

5. What billeting is available on and off base and what is the cost?

On base billeting for unaccompanied officers is $60.00/day and for unaccompanied NCOs is $44.00/day. There is no extra cost for spouse/, but children are not allowed. Offbase housing begins at $1000/month for furnished apartments.

6. How do I get transportation from the airport when I arrive?

Visit the website and search for "Initial Transportation to DLIELC." Shuttle bus service is available from the airprt direct to DLIELC at the following times: Weekdays: 0515, 0845, 1145, 1445, 1745, and 2045 and weekends: 0515, 0915, 1215, 1515, and 1845. Taxi cabs are available ($50.00 for 1-4 people) - get a receipt. Students are not authorized to sponsor a taxi on to the base. Take the taxi to the Airman's Gate Visitor Center on Valley Hi, Exit 4 (from 0730 to 1600) and the West Gate Visitor Center on Military Drive after 1600.

7. What on base amenities are available?

Visit the

8. If I am an IMET student, how much living allowance will I receive while at DLIELC?

While living on base, Officers receive $22.85/day which is used to pay for meals, lodging and incidentals. NCOs receive $11.00 per day. Neither Officers nor NCOs receive funds while living off base. Lodging for Officers and Enlisted is direct billed to the ITO.


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