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Field Studies


Providing international and civilian students with a balanced understanding of the American culture/society, free enterprise system, government, and basic human rights.

DoD Field Studies Program

The Field Studies Program is designed to assist international military and civilian students in acquiring a balanced understanding of the United States society, institutions, and ideals. This program is conducted with clear explanations and open discussions of the following: U.S. Government structure, judicial system, political party system, role of free press and other communication media, minority programs, role of labor unions, U.S. economic system, education institutions, and American family and community life including religious institutions, environmental protection initiatives and public and social welfare programs.

Division Goal

Ensure that international students return to their homelands with an understanding of the responsibilities of governments, militaries and citizens to protect, preserve, and respect the rights of every individual.

Program Emphasis

  • Internationally recognized Human Rights as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • The democratic ideals of an elected Government and effective civilin/military relations which reinforce that elected government by the people.
  • The roles and inter-relationships of a culturally, ethnically, economically, and socially diverse population in a democratic society
  • The U.S. free enterprise system and its role in a democratic society

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