American Language Course Placement Test

What is the ALCPT?

ALCPT is an English language test designed to measure English ability levels through listening and reading. For more information, see the ALCPT Handbook.

Uses of the ALCPT
ALCPTs are not intended to be used as an ECL practice or preparation tool or for promotion or bonus purposes. ALCPTs are intended to be used for the following purposes only:

    1. place students in an American Language Course (ALC) program;

    2. evaluate student progress at the end of an ALC level;

    3. screen candidates for readiness to take the English Comprehension Level (ECL) test by the SCO only;

    4. evaluate the English language abilities of local personnel working for, or being considered for
        positions on overseas US military installations as required by US military service regulations.

The ALCPT is a U. S. government language test used for these authorized purposes only; therefore, its sale must be approved by DLIELC/ETF (Test & Measurement Branch).

Obtaining the ALCPT
The ALCPT is only sold to Foreign Military institutions using ALC materials for the purposes of English Language Training or to organizations that are required by contract with the US government to use the ALCPT to evaluate students in the English Language Training programs.

DLIELC does not sell the ALCPT to third party resellers or to the intermediary shipping companies.

ALCPT General Information

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