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The main mission of the Advanced English Section is to provide training to international military and civilian personnel (instructors and non-instructors) to staff in-country English language training programs as English language instructors, program managers and curriculum/test developers.

The Advanced English Section offers three development tracks that focus on instructor training, language proficiency, and professional growth.

The Instructor Development Track, which consists of courses like Basic American Language Instructor Course (BALIC), Advanced English Language Instructor Course (AELIC), and Methodology and Culture Seminar (MACS), is designed to provide training and practice in English as a Second Language (ESL/EFL) methodology for novice as well as experienced instructors. Students attending these courses are provided advanced instruction in grammar and phonology while improving their individual language proficiency in listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. At the same time, American culture familiarization and learning how to incorporate cultural knowledge into the teaching process are also emphasized.

The Language Development Track, made up of courses like Professional Military Education Preparation (PME Prep) and Advanced Language Proficiency Skills (ALPS I, II, and III), employs comprehensive and integrated curricula targeting students’ language proficiency in listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. Additionally, students develop their critical thinking skills and gain a deeper knowledge of American culture. Courses in this track are ideal for instructors, NATO and international posting candidates, translators, interpreters, and candidates for professional military post-graduate studies.

The Professional Development Track offers two courses, Materials Development Seminar (MDS) and Managing English Language Training (MELT). MDS is designed to familiarize English language specialists with different phases of the curriculum development process used at DLIELC. MELT students study the principles and practices involved in establishing and managing in-country language training programs. In addition to these two important courses, Advanced English offers Observer Professional training (1-2 weeks) intended to offer orientation in the development, coordination, management, and testing of English language training for international English Language Training Program (ELTP) managers, supervisors and key language training staff.

Advanced English Section entry and graduation requirements can be found in the Security Cooperation Organizations (SCO) Handbook on’s home page.

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