American Language Course Placement Test

Ordering the ALCPT

Who can order the ALCPT?
  The ALCPT is developed by DLIELC for use in approved military and government English Language
  Training Programs around the world.

Kit components
  Each ALCPT form may be purchased individually.
  Each form consists of a kit with the items listed in
  the adjacent table.

  Quantities are limited to a maximum of 10
  forms per purchase
.  However, large language
  programs may be authorized to purchase more
  than one kit of the same form.

How to order the ALCPT
   DLIELC is the sole source for procuring ALCPT
   materials.  There are two parts to ordering ALCPT

Kit Content
Items Quantity
1. Test Booklets
2. Audio recording (Compact Disc)
3. Scoring keys
4. ALCPT Handbook, with:
   • ALC Placement Guidelines table
   • Memorandum for the Record
   • ALCPT Inventory Record sample
   • ALCPT Test Administration
      Security Log sample
   • ALCPT Test-Taker Roster sample
   • ALCPT Approval Request form

  1. DLIELC/EEF - Approval
        Complete an ALCPT APPROVAL REQUEST form. Submit the completed ALCPT Approval
       Request form to DLIELC/EEF by email at

  2. DLIELC/INF - Purchase
        Contact DLIELC/INF (Nonresident Programs) for consultation on purchase orders. The
        current catalogue of ALC materials includes procedures for ALCPT purchases, along with information
        on IMET programming and requisitions, and information on direct requisitioning from DLIELC and on
        FMS-funded purchases.

Note: If an ALCPT order has been included in a larger book order, the entire order cannot be processed until the ALCPT purchase has been approved by DLIELC/EEF.

ALCPT General Information

    What is the ALCPT
    ALCPT Approval Request Form
    Test Security
    Test Ordering
    Ordering Contacts

ALCPT Site Management

    Admin Resources


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