American Language Course Placement Test

ALCPT Testing Security

The validity of test results depends on proper control and security of these materials.

Current technology and ease of electronic accessibility through the Web can potentially turn a local test compromise of an ALCPT into a global one. Language testing programs of excellence are known for adhering to the following security measures to safeguard the integrity of ALCPTs around the world (see the ALCPT Handbook for more information).

  • Test Control Officer (TCO)
    1. o Each facility should appoint a TCO (and Alternate TCO if appropriate).
      o Only the TCO (and ATCO) should control, handle, and administer the ALCPT.

  • Physical control of test materials
      ALCPT materials are:
    1. o stored in a locked cabinet when not in use;
      o accounted for by serial number and inventoried at least annually;
      o logged out and in each time they are used, and the log retained for at least a year;
      o handled, transported, and administered only by authorized personnel.

  • Safeguard of test integrity
      ALCPT components:
      o are controlled test items and must be handled accordingly;
      o may not be duplicated;
      o must be used for testing only (NOT for practice, teaching, or training).
If ALCPTs have been compromised, DLIELC retains the right to suspend sales of new ALCPT forms for a period of up to three years.

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