Oral Proficiency Interview

Test Administration Procedures for OPI Test Proctor

Testing Flow chart procedures

Additional Information

  • The OPI will be canceled if the call to DLIELC is more than 20 minutes late or if a phone disconnection of the interview lasts for more than 20 minutes.
  • The OPI requires 45 to 60 minutes per candidate for the proctor, although the interview typically lasts from 30-45 minutes.
  • The OPI score is valid for six months.
  • Candidates may be re-interviewed after 90 calendar days.
  • Upon arrival at DLIELC, IMSs with an OPI requirement will be given an OPI if they have not already taken an in-country telephonic OPI. Those who reached their OPI requirement on the in-country OPI may be given an OPI for statistical purposes during their DLIELC training.

  • OPI General Information

        What is the OPI
        Who can take the OPI
        Level Descriptors
        ILR Descriptors
        OPI Performance Profile
        OPI FAQs
        Info for Examinees

    OPI Scheduler/Proctor Info

        OPI Program Guidelines
        Scheduling an OPI
        OPI Request Form
        OPI Testing Procedures
        Proctor Responsibilities
        Interpreting OPI Results


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