Oral Proficiency Interview

Who can take the OPI?

International military students or US personnel who have a MASL (or other official) requirement to take an OPI (A MASL or other requirement must be provided when scheduling an OPI) are eligible to take the OPI. In all instances, a candidate must meet the corresponding ECL requirement for the target training before being scheduled for the OPI.

The OPI should be administered only once per candidate per training slot, except when a retest has been justified. Candidates must wait 90 days before a retest. From the date of test administration, an OPI score is valid for 6 months.

For countries exempt from in-country English language testing, an approved OPI would have to be paid for at the currently applicable rate prior to its being scheduled. Please contact the OPI Coordinator for further information.

Military departments or commands incorporating any OPI requirements into their training program must first coordinate with DLIELC to ensure that the requirements are appropriate and that DLIELC resources can support them.

OPI General Information

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OPI Scheduler/Proctor Info

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